Resilience thinking provides a framework to understand the growth, reorganization, and renewal in complex systems. We can apply the same principles to design management when we lead teams and products as well.

At its simplest, resilience thinking prepares us for change—slow, subtle shifts over time and unpredictable significant events that can threaten those that aren’t prepared to adapt. Viewing management challenges through a lens of resilience thinking can lead us to prepare ourselves and our organizations for the unknowns that inevitably await.

After establishing a shared understanding of resiliency, robustness and complex systems, using examples from business to nature, we'll apply that understanding to real-world design managers face every day over time.

We’ll explore how to prepare teams to scale to embrace new challenges. We’ll also understand why building for peak control, efficiency or optimization can lead teams and products down a dangerous path. And we'll learn how such a framework for addressing other similar design challenges can help us profit from such complexity and uncertainty as leaders of designers and the products we build.