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Rob Maigret

Co-founder, Popularium

Rob Maigret is a creative technologist with a clear vision of the future. He works to disrupt the traditional idea of entertainment, mentoring young professionals in their efforts to do the same.

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Pho baxley
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Bob Baxley

Design Executive, Formerly at Pinterest, Apple, and Yahoo!

Bob Baxley is a design executive. He most recently served as the Head of Product Design at Pinterest where he built, led, and managed a multifaceted design team responsible for both the consumer and business facing elements of Pinterest.

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Keynote Speaker

Hyo Yeon

Digital Partner, McKinsey

Hyo Yeon is one of the Mckinsey’s first Entity Partners, responsible for establishing the Digital Design service lines, growing the Design teams and studios globally, and working with client service teams to bring the new capability to life.

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Brandon schauer mx 2014
Keynote Speaker

Brandon Schauer

Head of Adaptive Path, Adaptive Path

Brandon's passion for understanding the needs of customers has taken him everywhere from homes of cancer patients to the tunnels beneath Disney World.

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Anel Muller Lead, Adaptive Path

Anel's natural curiosity has led her down multiple creative paths, which have fueled her need for creating order out of chaos without impacting the creative process.

Lauren wallins mx16

Lauren Wallins

Senior Recruiter, Pinterest

Lauren's passions are in people, creative expression, building teams and supporting career growth.

Diogenes brito mx16

Diógenes Brito

Product Designer, Slack

Diogenes is a designer and engineer with a focus on digital interaction design.

Maykel loomans mx16

Maykel Loomans

Product Designer, Facebook

Maykel Loomans is a digital product designer on the Search team at Facebook. His skill set ranges from product definition, design and prototyping, to writing code that ships.

Courtney george mx16

Courtney Maya George

Experience Designer, Adobe

Courtney Maya George is an experience designer for the Document Cloud group at Adobe where she focuses her efforts on creating deeply-integrated experiences with partners.

Mx16 molly needelman

Molly Needelman

User Experience Strategist, Google

Molly Needelman is a user experience strategist at YouTube, a part of Google. As the second person on the then-nascent Visioning team, Molly has been instrumental in developing a successful UX Strategy practice at YouTube.

David stocks mx16

David Stocks

Strategy Director, AKQA

David is currently the Strategy Director at AKQA's New York office. As Strategy Director, David helps lead strategic direction of the agency’s work on behalf of several clients.

Mx16 kim laama

Kim Laama

Director of UX, AKQA

Kim Laama currently serves as Director of UX, spearheading the user experience team for AKQA’s New York office.

Richard dalton mx16

Richard Dalton

VP, Head of Design, Capital One Commercial Bank

Richard has been involved in design since graduating from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK in 1994 with a degree in Software Engineering that he didn't know what to do with.

Indi young mx16

Indi Young

Design Researcher & Author,

Indi Young is an empathy-based design researcher and coach in the technology world. She helps organizations understand the people they support as humans, not just as “users.”

Peter merholz mx16

Peter Merholz

VP of Design, Snagajob

Peter Merholz co-founded Adaptive Path in 2001. He is also perhaps most (in)famous for coining the word “blog” in 1999.

Mx16 kim scott

Kim Scott

CEO, Radical Candor, Inc

Kim Scott is the founder of Radical Candor, Inc. and is the author of a book called Radical Candor: How To Be a Kickass Boss without Losing your Humanity, to be published by St Martin’s Press next year.

Yeneat chiu mx16

Yeneat Ophelia Chiu

Design Strategy and Innovation Head, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Yeneat's passions are around bringing the best patient experience to implementation, helping to spread innovative thinking across the organization and bringing people from different disciplines together.

Janaki kumar mx16

Janaki Kumar

VP, Head of Design & Co-Innovation Center, America, SAP Labs, Palo Alto

Janaki Kumar is the VP and Head of Design and Co-Innovation Center at SAP Labs Palo Alto. Janaki is a thought-leader in design-led innovation in the enterprise.

Alla15.jpeg %281%29

Alla Zollers

Leadership Coach & Culture Designer, We ♥ Work

Alla wants to live in a world where every person feels seen, heard, and valued at work. She believes loving our work is a human right, not a privilege.

Jeff sussna mx15

Jeff Sussna

IT Service Design Consultant, Ingineering.IT

Jeff Sussna is an internationally recognized systems thinker and IT expert. He is Founder and Principal of Ingineering.IT, a Minneapolis consulting firm that helps companies transform IT to meet the needs of 21st-century business.

Ben judy mx16

Ben Judy

Experience Designer, Intuit

Ben Judy is passionate about designing software for highly skilled professionals and the people they serve.

Chris avore ux15

Chris Avore

Design Leader, Nasdaq

Chris leads the product design efforts at Nasdaq, where his team designs the vision of a more elegant, useful, and profitable portfolio of products for the global stock exchange.