Richard dalton mx16

Richard has been involved in design since graduating from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK in 1994 with a degree in Software Engineering that he didn't know what to do with. In 1999, two web-design start-ups in the UK later, he moved to the US. He's been leading design teams in large organizations ever since, first with Vanguard, then at USAA and now in New York City as VP, Head of Design for Capital One’s Commercial Bank.

Richard is active in the design community, having spoken at conferences across the country on the topics of design leadership, measurement, and the importance of experience management systems. He chaired the 2008 IA Summit in Miami which gave him a new appreciation for conference organizers everywhere.

He has an unhealthy obsession for Mental Model diagrams. His table tennis and juggling are good, his guitar playing is not and he gets very uncomfortable writing third-person bios of himself. Oh, and he rarely passes by an opportunity to have fun - usually at his own expense.

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