David stocks mx16

David is currently the Strategy Director at AKQA's New York office. As Strategy Director, David helps lead strategic direction of the agency’s work on behalf of several clients.

David started his career as an industrial designer creating toys in Hong Kong for the UK based manufacturer Early Learning Centre (Mothercare), then housewares, TV's, baby bottles and even a fireproof safe, in the UK. Subsequently gaining an Innovation Management Masters degree he has spent the past several years in an integrated marketing role with WPP (Ogilvy London, Added Value Paris, POSSIBLE New York). In his current role he leads WPP level digital strategies for brands and works in bespoke teams with partner agencies including Mindshare, Grey, and Ogilvy. By passionately applying design and invention talent to clients' marketing communication problems David delivers a unique strategic output. 

Career highlights include winning top tier accounts, publishing and presenting an Innovation Strategy Paper at ESOMAR (2011), being awarded a Silver Global Effie (2013), and launching a personal passion project ART140 at SXSW Interactive (2014: featured in Digiday and Adweek).